Dutchy Ball

iOS, Android jump gameDuchy Ball is a very simple game for everybody. Tap to turn and match the ball side color with the looping red and blue bars. Beautiful Dutchy parallax backgroundDutchy Ball iOS gameDutchy Ball Android

MusicBox 3D

a unique and creative music player on iOS

MusicBox 3D iOS game

Panda Math

iOS, Android educative appPanda Math
MusicBox 3D iOS game

Tounsy Ball

iOS, Android jump game

Tounsy Ball GameTounsy Ball iOS, Android jump gameTounsy Ball iOS, Android jump game

Web Development

Dominidesign Facebook Webshop.
Fullstack development and design, Magento 1 and 2

Dominidesign webshop
Fullstack developer, Magento module developer, SEO and Google Merchant

Dominidesign Webshop

Multiplayer Card Scopa Game. (offline)

NodeJS, Websocket, MongoDB

Multiplayer Scopa homepage

Garage West Center Amsterdam

PHP, CodeIgniter

Garage West Center


Native mobile B2B apps development iOS , Android

Swift (1,2,3,4) ObjC

Dominidesign VoorraadappDominidesign Product Counter


Multiplayer Scopa Card game

NodeJS, MongoDB, Facebook app

Multiplayer Scopa Lobby

King Of Chkobba

Casual Game

king of chkobba card game




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